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Have you ever thought you might be a little crazy? Maybe you see halos or rings of color around people but try to brush it off as tricks of the light. Maybe you see lines & patterns in front of others’ faces but ignore it, hoping it will eventually go away. Maybe it’s how you feel when you walk into a space—hot, cold, or something else—but no one else seems to notice. Maybe you get overwhelmed by crowds because it’s like you’re feeling all their emotions—a straight jacket of fear, anger, sadness, and excitement wrapping you up until you almost can’t breathe.


Good news! You’re not and you aren’t.

Come join us for Intuitive Gifts™, a carefully and lovingly crafted 3-day intensive for those who are ready to understand their gifts and experiences. Be surrounded by others who are sincerely seeking for answers to why they’re “different.”


This isn’t about us giving you power. We can’t do that. It’s about us showing you the power you already hold within. A power just waiting for you to receive it. What do you have to lose? (The answer is nothing!)

Unlock Your Potential

During our 3 days together, you’ll not only learn proven methods to understand your intuitive gifts, you’ll also get the valuable opportunity to practice in a safe environment! Real time feedback means faster results. You will learn:

  • How to uncover your long-lost gifts and protect yourself from outside influencers
  • What to know about your newly dusted off skills
  • When to use your gifts
  • Why having a solid understanding and foundation of your gifts will change your life
  • Who will benefit most from you claiming your potential

Come learn the tools & principles that will allow your gifts to flourish

“It was a mind blowing experience to learn more about my gifts, and experience opening up with other amazing gifted people! LuanaLei has an amazing vault of knowledge and experiences to share. You do not want to miss what she has to offer. I love The World Tree Institute so much! Thanks for changing my world and helping me to see and choose into unlocking my true potential!”

Chelsea, UT

Mompreneur, Usborne Books

DATES: May 24-26, 2018

TIME: 9am to 5pm

LOCATION: Orem, Utah

Seating is limited! 

“Thank you so flipping much for putting your light and wisdom out into the universe. Seriously. I’m just like… Wow.”

Brandtley, UT

Music Therapist

The energy world is full of fragmented information about intuitive gifts—what they are, how to unlock them, when and how to use them and even how to protect oneself from the outside forces that affect them. Too often, the formulas/ game plans/ to do lists for “getting it” sorely miss the mark. Why? Because no two people have ever traveled the exact same road to get where they are today. The truth is, the barriers to your intuitive success have very little to do with your talent, skills or drive. The secret lies in the energy surrounding your life and how you think about yourself,  home, work, and play.


That’s why Intuitive Gifts™ Live works. It’s not about other people.



  • You are ready to deepen your self trust
  • You are ready to take your intuitive gift to a new level
  • You are ready to expand your energy and stamina
  • You are ready to navigate your life into the flow of the universe
  • You are ready to break free from the barriers that are holding you back


Each day we will take time to answer your questions and delve deeper into the real life issues you’re having as you explore and develop your gifts. Beyond Q&A, I’ll be teaching you energetic principles and tools that will blow your socks off!!! Pace and depth will be determined by the group.

Dress comfortably. We will be moving and shifting energy like crazy! Expect to have hands-on activities and interaction with a group of people who are ready to move, too!

While the pace and depth of class is set by those who show up, the following is a basic outline of what we’ll cover over the 3 days. Remember, YOUR questions can make all the difference, so show up ready to dig deep and deep is what you’ll get!

Get “Clair” About Your Gifts

  • Learn Rules and Ethics of this amazing work
  • Review the different types of Spiritual Gifts
  • Clarify questions about the gifts you have from our pre-class webinar

Get Connected! 

  • Discuss protocols for Alignment with clean, Infinite Source Energy
  • Receive Circuit Training tools to practice with your gifts
  • Learn new ways to practice Active and Tranquil Meditations

Explore the Field 

  • Nurture Divine Esteem to allow mistake making
  • Explore new ways to Practice your gifts
  • Practice Intentional Liberation techniques

On Guard!

  • Become acquainted with establishing Boundary Work
  • Develop confidence with Discernment
  • Implement Shielding tools to practice with your gifts

Re-boot Camp

  • Update your Belief Protocols
  • Receive Downloading Methods to assist you as your gifts expand
  • Develop powerful Anchoring tools to decrease the learning curve

The Resource Guide

  • Become a master at Up-Cycling
  • Receive Energy Currency training
  • Build your own Energy Library

I have struggled with self confidence and self forgiveness for years do to the trauma of being physically and sexually abused. This has impacted me in every level of my life and I am tired of carrying the extra weight. Working with Luanalei has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She has helped me come to the realization that I am a success and I deserve happiness. Thank you Luanalei for giving me the tools that I need to take control of my life!

“I am the boss!”

MiHa, WA


What is holding you back?

There has never been a better time to embrace your intuitive potential for a happy and vibrant future! The world needs you. Your families need you. You need you! Are you ready?

INTUITIVE GIFTS 3-Day Intensive: $197 USD

LuanaLei Turetzky, President & Founder of The World Tree Institute

I have a special affinity for names. I love them! Long ones, short ones, ordinary ones, exotic ones... they all strike a fascination in me. Especially when said a certain way. For example, when I was little my mom could strike instantaneous fear into my soul when she yelled my full name. And other times I would feel such warmth and belonging when she used my nickname. These, and many other experiences have brought me to the belief that names connect us in magical ways.

Look at my name, for instance. LuanaLei Turetzky. It has some revealing indicators of where I come from. Definitely some kind of funky merging of Hawaiian and Slavik.

Abracadabra! Before you realized it, you’ve already thought about Hawaiians you know personally or have heard of, have thought about Eastern European countries, and have started to decide if we are going to be friends, acquaintances, maybe even enemies. (I’m hoping for friends.)

See... Magic!

But like all magic, name magic has it’s limitations... Here’s what my name doesn’t tell you: I grew up dancing on the stages of the world, I once sang the national anthem at Fenway stadium, and I have successfully failed college- twice- only to succeed later. It doesn’t tell you that I consult screenwriters and young adult authors, that I am talented at composing and arranging music, or that I sing opera. And, it most definitely does NOT tell you that I see energy... Oh! AND dead people.

For the sake of time (and piqued curiosity), let me answer some questions for you:

  • Yes. I have been this way since I can remember.
  • No. The ability to see energy does not translate into knowing the future.
  • Yes. I can see when you’re lying.
  • No. Seriously. I can’t read your mind.
  • Yes. I ran away from my gifts for a very long time.

Hey! If you saw dead people your whole life, you might make a lifetime habit of running away, too!

And boy, did I run!! I spent hours, days, months and years learning all kinds of things. Cooking, sewing, crafting, wedding décor and planning, catering, piano, trumpet, violin, guitar, ukulele, and voice. I learned about local, state and national politics, classroom management, teaching, directing plays, navigating PTA, and conducting children’s choirs. I even learned to create balloon animals and face paint like a BOSS. I ran a proverbial 20 ring circus.

It wasn’t until I was on my deathbed in Italy that I finally had to evaluate the pace and lack of direction in my life. As foreign doctors deliberated my fate, I realized something amazing. (You’ve heard of “Come to Jesus” moments? This was like that.) Away from family, home, and country finally got it through my thick head. I suddenly knew I would never feel good about dying as long as I was running away from the unknown...

So I lived. I faced and acknowledged my unique gifts. I poured time and focus into learning about energy systems, managements, and modalities. I made mistakes. I collected data. I made adjustments. I learned.

Now I know.

I know that I am capable, talented, smart, funny (at least I think I am), and completely equipped to do hard things. I know that every hello, handshake, and hug is enriched and strengthened by my will to connect to people. And I know that one day, someone’s life will be changed because they know a girl who lives wholly connected to her intuitive gifts.

Her name is LuanaLei Turetzky.

“I love LuanaLei! Not only is she an incredible mentor and healing professional but a loving and devoted wife, mother and friend—she walks her talk! She is one of the most intuitive individuals I have ever met. Even more importantly she closely adheres to respecting the highest good of all involved, which is essential in her industry. I highly recommend LuanaLei’s services to anyone looking for enlightenment, healing and direction!

Charlotte, UT

Massage Therapist, Author & Mentor

“I like to keep busy and often have many tasks at hand. Working with Luana has helped me in not taking on too much at one time, taking time to enjoy life, and has also helped me realize how important it is to nurture myself. In moments of unhappiness and feeling like I was basically a waste of time, I know now that I am worth it and my family needs and loves me. My efforts are appreciated. I am blown away with Luana’s tenderness, use of words, and how she communicates with so much love. She is truly gifted.”

MiRon, ID

Rockstar Mommy & Zumba Instructor

“LuanaLei taught me how to create and manifest intentions. Before her, I was feeling directionless and needed something new in my life. I was ready for change and she didn’t hold back. Within months after learning about my chakra health and getting real tools to improve my energy flow, I got word from my agent that I had booked a major national commercial. A few weeks after that I booked a new, off broadway show! By keeping my thoughts clear and focused on what I wanted, I’ve been able to book countless print and reel advertisements, including Optimum Mobile, Intel, Acer and Ford. I landed the position of Dance Captain for Queen of the Night for 2 years! Her help even reached into my teaching, making my choreography more potent and deep, which led me to consulting the principle choreographer for Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. Personally, my relationships are more meaningful and I’ve been able to navigate the movement of people in and out of my life with greater ease.

 “My list was complete. What did I do next? I made a new list!

Kimo, NY

NYC Actor

Since our time, I’ve felt a huge shift. In my spirit, in my body, and in my heart. I am feeling less sensitivity in my nerves, and I feel clearer. I have been closing loops! And it feels wonderful. Your words, your sincere care, and instructions were all such blessings. Thank you, so very much!

Camille, NY

LuanaLei helped me lay a foundation from which to grow, helped me find a daily base of calm, and cleared my sciatic issue. So much of what we discussed comes to mind daily. It’s so helpful to be aware of certain things that originate outside of myself so as to fortify my mind against the bad, and listen more closely to the good. Thank you for acknowledging and sharing your gifts. You are a blessing. You are a gift. To me and I’m sure to countless others.

Scott, NY

Dear Emerging Intuitive,

Today, I wanted to sit down and write a candid letter to you… about you.

How is that possible, you might wonder, seeing that we’ve spent so little time together?

It has to do with my gifts.

Let me explain. I see things that others cannot. I see your energy. I see it flow through, in and around people, animals, nature and man-made things. I see your chakras and auras in ways that have never been written. I have spent countless hours observing rhythms, patterns and the cause and effects of certain actions on the subtle energy field with awe… and horror. It’s quite the show!

Weird, huh? Wait… it gets better. I also see your hurts, intentions, angers, passions, stresses, motivations and fears (to name a few). But the thing I see that concerns me most is your unfair beliefs about yourself.

I see you struggling to believe that you are talented, smart, savvy or motivated enough to make a difference. I see you struggling to believe you are not crazy because you see, hear, feel, understand and even smell things differently than the people around you. Struggle to find your place in the world of normal. Struggle to keep it together, look like you’re not strange… just breathe.

And I wonder.

Do you have any clue about your amazing self? Do you know about your gifts and talents from the deepest fathoms of your soul? Have you tapped into that place where hope and potential met to create you? Do you know how much better the world is because YOU are in it?

I do.

I see the real, gifted you.

You. Are. Glorious.

And I long to help you see it for yourself… to open every facet of your potential so that your life becomes a walking manifestation of the greatness in you. I want to see you come to peace with your energetic gifts, to succeed as a powerful intuitive.

I want you to be YOU!

Sometimes we only need a little help.

I have been honored to assist hundreds of people break free from the shroud that clouds their true self vision. I have learned insights that could shift your energy and perceptions, giving you awesome results in a single session. However, I want you to have lasting tools and skills to walk wholly in your gifts. So, I designed this very unique program filled with personalized support, surrounded by others who are like you.

You have a gift to share, but only if you are willing to open it. 

Come learn the depths of your gifts in a safe place for practice, feedback and guidance. Choose into your gifts. Choose into your growth. Choose into you! I can’t wait to see you there!

                         Light and love,

    LuanaLei Only Signature

                         President & Founder
                         The World Tree Institute, LLC


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